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Keeping the Parent Voice Strong

Recognized by government and education partners, BCCPAC is the collective voice of parents/guardians of over 565,000 children on educational issues within the public system. We strive to foster a culture of acceptance, diversity and inclusion in our public schools and advocate both for systemic changes and individual parent advocacy. 

We represent the parent voice on provincial committees dealing with a wide range of issues, including student assessment, Indigenous education, curriculum, and school safety. Governed by a volunteer board of nine directors elected annually by the membership which consists of District Parent Advisory Councils (DPAC), Parent Advisory Councils (PAC), and parent associate members representing diverse communities including rural, remote and urban schools. Through our DPAC membership, BCCPAC represents 96% of parents in the public education system in BC.

Be part of the collective voice recognized by government and education stakeholders who involve BCCPAC as the provincial voice of parents.

10 Reasons to Become a Member

  1. Be a part of the collective voice; be heard.

  2. Be represented as we advocate for systemic changes to the education system, including funding.

  3. Create change in the education system by bringing resolutions to the Annual General Meeting, for discussion and support. 

  4. Support implementation of new legislation when BCCPAC is successful in its ongoing lobbying.

  5. Participate in nomination and election of Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting.

  6. Network with other member PACs and DPACs to share information and successes via conference, website and forums.

  7. Keep advised of current educational issues by receiving regular email communications and social media.

  8. Discover opportunities to receive leadership education from skilled experts at our annual conferences.

  9. Take advantage of travel subsidies available for members to attend conferences.

  10. Get involved in committees, provide feedback through focus groups and surveys.

Become a Member Today

For both new membership and renewals, please complete the online Membership Application

Attention DPACS! For the 2019-2020 membership year - if you are paying the fee for your PACs please complete the DPAC Membership Form.

The Membership year is from September 1 to August 31 and is renewed annually and payable at the beginning of the membership year to remain in "good standing" per our Bylaws. 

Membership payments received by December 31 will ensure your PAC/DPAC has voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and that your membership is not terminated per our Bylaws.
Registrations paid after December 31st will still be members but won't have voting rights at that years' AGM.

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  • Submission to Select Standing Cmte
    Jun 21

    We again made a submission for Budget 2020. Read our full Brief & 5 Recommendations.  

  • Funding Model Progress Report
    Jun 17

    Funding Model Review Progress Report released w info on Working Grp discussions & next steps. Learn More   

  • Radon School Project
    Jun 11

    We've written letter of support for the program from Health Canada. Learn More.  

  • Submission to Select Standing Committee
    Jun 10

    Read our submission to the Standing Committee re assessment & eligibility processes for children/youth w neuro-diverse special...

  • 2019 AGM Minutes & Resolutions
    Jun 10

    AGM Minutes and details on resolutions, elections and business carried now posted online. Read now.

  • 2019-20 Board Announced
    Jun 06

    We announce the new Board of Directors for 2019-2020 year including the re-election of Andrea Sinclair as president....

  • Gaming Grants Information
    Jun 03

    Gaming has new presentation re the basics, complex questions, & features an expanded list of eligible/ineligible...

  • Updated Constitution & Bylaws
    Jun 03

    Members approved changes to the Bylaws at the May 2019 AGM. Review them.  

  • Apply for Gaming Grants
    May 29

    DPACs & PACs - GG Applications must be done online by June 30 to get $ in Fall 2019 - $ is yours for the asking!

  • AGM Booklet Final
    Apr 26

    AGM Booklet updated with more Resolutions, Rules etc & posted online. Review before voting & completing Proxy...