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DPAC Member Registration

NOTE: This form is to be completed by DPACs for both new and renewal BCCPAC Memberships for the 2024-25 school year. PACs should use the PAC Registration Form.

Read and follow Instructions for DPAC Membership Registration

Per our Bylaws:

  • the Membership year runs from September 1 - August 31
  • membership is renewed annually and payable at the beginning of the membership year
  • there is an annual fee for maintaining Membership for both DPACs and PACs

Membership payments for the new membership year (Sep - Aug) must be received to ensure you retain access to the benefits of membership.

Membership payments received by December 31 will ensure your PAC/DPAC has voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and that your membership is not terminated per our Bylaws. New membership applications or payments received after December 31 will still be members but won't have voting rights at that year's AGM.

Some fields below are required (*) to successfully complete your submission. It’s important you provide contact details as it will ensure your PAC/DPAC receives all relevant and timely communication from us to share with your parent community.

Suggestion for DPACS paying for PACs: enter 5-6 PACs per submission to avoid having the system time out on you.

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Enter contact information for all DPAC Executive members. Executive members entered below will receive BCCPAC communications and access to the BCCPAC Community Forum. Note: email addresses entered for each member must be unique (ie. no two contacts on this form can use the same email address).

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BCCPAC Membership is $200 per membership year for DPACs and $100 for PACs. The total amount below will reflect $200 for your DPAC plus $100 for each PAC on whose behalf you are paying their BCCPAC Membership.