Resolutions Banners

Changes to Resolutions at the AGM

We encourage member PACs and DPACs to review the Resolutions Policy and read the new Resolutions Guide before submission of proposed resolutions for presentation at the Annual General Meeting. Members must submit proposed resolutions using the Resolutions Form.

Special Resolutions

These are changes to the Constitution and Bylaws, calls for the removal of a director, or changes to authority of the Board.

Deadline to Submit: January 31, 2021 

Ordinary Resolutions

A resolution that advocates change to our public education system or gives direction to the Board of Directors. These can be submitted anytime, including from the floor at the AGM.  However, we recommend these are submitted prior to the AGM so they can be widely circulated to the membership for review and comment.

The deadline for Ordinary Resolutions to be included in the AGM Resolution Booklet is February 28, 2021.  After this date, submitted resolutions may not make it into the printed booklet distributed onsite at the AGM and possibly delay their being heard until the following year.

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