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Resolutions represent the views of our membership, and help to provide direction of our organization. The purpose of all resolutions is to give the Board direction on issues affecting the provincial education system, parents or students or BCCPAC. Resolutions are meant to guide the Board in decision making, direct and support our official position when discussing or advocating with the Ministry of Education, other Ministries, media and education partners.

As time passes, the circumstances that gave rise to a resolution change; more information can come forward that changes the opinion of the membership about a specific resolution; the passage of time and system changes can cause resolutions to become irrelevant. As a result, Resolutions can be achieved in whole or in part. 

Changes To Resolutions at the AGM

We encourage member PACs and DPACs to review the Resolutions Policy for submission of proposed resolutions for presentation at the Annual General Meeting. Members must submit proposed resolutions using the Resolutions Form.

Resolution Guide

  1. Archive:
    Resolutions that are archived mean that BCCPAC will no longer actively pursue the achievement of that resolution. This could be for a number of reasons but mainly because the likelihood of further progress on this resolution is impossible (a resolution with specific timelines which have passed), the membership has indicated that this resolution should not be pursued (by passing a new resolution which contradicts the earlier resolution) or the resolution has become irrelevant (a specific change to a form or program that no longer exists). A record of the resolution will be retained so that if the situation changes, the resolution still exists to be acted upon. 
  2. Achieve:
    The direction or changes requested in the resolution have been met. A record of the resolution is retained should issues arise in the future that move away from the intent of the resolution so that they may once again be acted upon if necessary. The committee working on a resolution has the ability to declare a resolution achieved or partially achieved.
  3. Reaffirm:
    The resolution is resubmitted to the AGM for reaffirmation by the membership. This may occur because the membership feels that the issue requires further attention or to re-validate the resolution giving it higher priority. This may be done if the resolution to ensure this position is viewed by the other education partners as the current and important view of BCCPAC, or if the directions of the resolution increase in importance due to current events. Resolutions that are submitted for reaffirmation will, if passed, be treated as newly passed resolutions. If a resolution is submitted for reaffirmation and the reaffirmation is defeated, that resolution is then archived as no longer representing the views of the membership.
  4. Revoked:
    A resolution can be revoked by the passing of a resolution to revoke it. A revoked resolution is archived with a note that the membership has revoked that resolution. Revoked resolutions are not regarded as directions to the board or a position of BCCPAC.
  5. Remain Active:
    In the absence of any of the four options above, a resolution remains on the Record of Member Resolutions to be pursued by the appropriate committee. As there are well over 250 active resolutions, it is up to the individual committees as to which resolutions they will work on. If you want your resolution addressed, the best way to do this is to volunteer on the appropriate Standing Resolution Committee.

Review the Resolution Policy