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Andrea Sinclair

President, SD39 Vancouver

Andrea has been active in public education since before her twins were born in 2004; she is currently on the PAC Executive at her children's high school. She has broad experience serving in various roles, including Chair, on her elementary school PAC Executive. Andrea steps in to her next term on the Board, well prepared to take on the role of President; she is a strategic thinker and an approachable leader who fosters open collaboration, transparent communication and good governance. Andrea believes strongly that our children’s success is rooted within their education; it’s through working together and leveraging our collective strengths that together we can effect positive change. With over 20 years of business experience and over a decade in public education advocacy, Andrea’s goal is to continue to increase the profile and relevance of BCCPAC for the benefit of parents.

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Sarah Holland

1st Vice-President, SD57 Prince George

Sarah has been volunteering in schools since 2006. When it was announced that her children’s school would be closing in 2009, she joined her local DPAC. Sarah believes in respectful relationships, good governance, and effective bylaws and policies. She is passionate about the importance of public education, and the role that our school system plays in helping all our children acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for a healthy community. Sarah is employed as a financial planning consultant.

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Melissa Pritchard

2nd Vice-President, SD62 Sooke

Melissa is excited about being a member of the Board. She is a single parent with a son in Grade 12 at Belmont Secondary in Langford BC. She has been involved with her PAC since 2015 and with the DPAC since 2017. Melissa took on her first PAC executive role at the first meeting she attended and has not shied away from taking on new roles and experiences ever since. In the last year, Melissa has been the President of Belmont Secondary PAC and Vice President of Communications on the SD62 DPAC. Through her full-time job, she has taken extensive courses on interpersonal communication, active listening, dealing with high conflict personalities, and human rights issues. Melissa’s son has faced many challenges throughout his education which provided intensive lessons on supports in public education for students with diverse learning needs. Melissa thrives on advocacy and working towards equity in public education. Melissa anticipates an intensive year of learning and advocating alongside the other members of the board.

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Gillian Burnett

Treasurer, SD57 Prince George

Gillian has been involved in public education since her eldest child entered kindergarten. She has held various positions on PAC and DPAC and looks forward to understanding the public education system at a provincial level. Her work experience has provided her with a wealth of knowledge, exposure to diverse settings, and growth opportunities at every turn. With a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Gillian brings financial knowledge and experience to the organization. She is passionate about ensuring equitable, inclusive and quality education for every student. She believes that when many work together respectfully and collaboratively, great things happen. She will work hard to establish and foster relationships with educational partners and parents for the betterment of all students.

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Kendra Mann

Secretary, SD8 Kootenay Lake

Kendra joined the board as Secretary in November 2014.  She currently lives in Nelson with her family of 3 daughters in the K-12 system. Kendra developed keen skills in keeping organizations organized and volunteers extensively in the Kootenay community. She enjoys mentoring young girls as a guide leader and somehow still finds time to volunteer for her local PAC and DPAC. She looks forward to working with parents across the province to advocate for quality public education.

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Kim Currie

Director, SD61 Victoria

Kim grew up in the BC Interior and now lives on Vancouver Island with her family. She became a parent volunteer when her now high school-age child entered Kindergarten so she could be better informed on what was happening in the classroom and school. Kim has volunteered in many roles at the PAC and DPAC level within SD63 and SD61. Kim is driven by curiosity to understand how decisions at the district and provincial level affect the classroom and the well-being of families. She has spent considerable hours advocating on behalf of parents with children who have unique learning needs and is passionate about an education system where all students are supported so they may develop their individual potential. While Kim is entering her last years with a child in the K-12 system, she hopes that by participating on the Board she can accomplish change on behalf of future students.

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Valerie Newbreast

Director, SD73 Kamloops Thompson

Valerie Newbreast is a Squamish Nation band member and a graduate of UBC with a bachelor's degree in Women’s Studies and Gender Relations. Valerie has advocated more than 10 years for Indigenous voice at both PAC and DPAC meetings acknowledging truth of indigenous history, living language and culture. Consistent advocacy, voice and supports are key for parents at ensuring the success of their children. An inclusive education system requires respectful engagement and strategic partnering with the province, communities and parent groups.

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Kerri Schill

Director, SD73 Kamloops Thompson

Kerri has been actively involved with PAC’s & DPAC in different school districts over several years, immersing herself in a wide variety of leadership roles. Team building, accountability, transparency and critical thinking are qualities she strives for and brings to the Board. Kerri is currently in a 3rd year BA at TRU majoring in Communications and Public Relations, with a minor in Aboriginal Studies. She has a graduated Mètis child, and two other children in the public education system. Kerri aspires to build meaningful dialogue, and equitable and inclusive opportunities between students, parents and educational stakeholders.

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Ashley Sonosky

Director, SD63 Saanich

Ashley has two children attending public school; one each at the elementary and middle school level. Both of her children enjoy busy lives both at and after school, which requires lots of organization and coordination with her husband of 12 years. As she works for the federal government in a full-time capacity, holding executive roles on her children’s PACs and local DPAC has been her way of being involved in and contributing to their education. Through her education and work experience, Ashley brings with her a depth of knowledge in the areas of legislation interpretation and operations of non-profit organizations. She has served as chair of her DPAC for the last two years and has enjoyed collaborating with all the education stakeholders in her district in a respectful and successful manner. She hopes to share this experience with members and build on it at the provincial level. Ashley travels regularly with her family and enjoys going to yoga classes when she can fit them into her schedule.

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John Gaiptman


John has been involved with public education for over 35 years. He spent 14 years as a Superintendent of Schools; twelve of which were with the Greater Victoria School District and two with the New Westminster School District. John is married with two daughters and three grandchildren.  It is his hope, through his vast experience in public education, that he can continue to support and empower parents for the success of each learner.

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