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On October 17, 2018, cannabis will become legal. Teen Mental Health has created resources you can use to help educate yourself and youth. The adolescent years are crucial for brain growth and development and cannabis use can affect how our brains develop. This means it is critical to provide information on the potential side effects and help answer any questions. 

These evidence-based resources were developed by Dr. Stan Kutcher in partnership with Dr. Selene Etches (IWK Health Centre), Dr. Phil Tibbo (Nova Scotia Health Authority/Dalhousie University) and Dr. Rob Milin (University of Ottawa). Feel free to use and distribute these resources with whomever you feel will benefit.

For Students

For Parents/Guardians

  • Apply for Gaming Grants
    May 15

    DPACs & PACs - GG Applications must be done online by June 30 to get $ in Fall 2019 - $ is yours for the asking!

  • AGM Booklet Final
    Apr 26

    AGM Booklet updated with more Resolutions, Rules etc & posted online. Review before voting & completing Proxy...

  • Ministry Update re LRFP
    Apr 12

    Long Range Facilities Plans (LRFP) revisions & update from Ministry of Ed. Learn more.

  • BC Adolescent Health Survey
    Mar 13

    McCreary Centre Society survey of 38,000 Gr 7–12 students. Read the Media Release. Read the Report  

  • Reconciliation Back Pocket Plan
    Mar 13

    Make Reconciliation part of your daily life. Check out this "back pocket action plan". Shareable. Portable. Learn more.

  • Funding Model Review Update
    Mar 04

    We represented parents at Ministry led meeting in Feb re Recommendations & Implementation working groups (we will be...

  • Response to Budget 2019
    Feb 19

    Our response to Budget 2019: "Focus on Student Well-being and Safety" Read Statement  

  • Inclusive Ed Myths
    Feb 07

    There are lots of myths about Inclusive education. Have you heard any of these? How do you respond?  

    Feb 06

    erase website has info/resources for bullying, violence prevention, online safety, mental well-being, substance use,...

  • Parent's Guide to Curriculum
    Feb 06

    Review the recently released Parent’s Guide to revised curriculum.