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This document is a conceptual framework. Its purpose is to:

  • assist the school system in  meeting its obligations under the Constitution Act, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the  BC Human Rights Code, the  Multiculturalism Act, the  Official Languages Act, the  Employment Equity Act, and the  School Act; and
  • assist the  school system in  its ongoing efforts to create and maintain learning and working environments that are responsive to the  diverse social  and cultural needs of the  communities it serves.

This framework document describes key concepts, references guiding legislation and includes important implications for policies, strategies and initiatives in the school system related to:

  • honouring diversity and promoting human rights
  • preventing discrimination, harassment and violence
  • responding to incidents of discrimination, harassment or violence when they occur

It is designed to assist in:

  • reviewing existing policies and practices to ensure they are consistent with legislation
  • enhancing existing policies and practices to ensure that they address diversity
  • developing or implementing new  policies and practices to directly address the  diverse needs of the  people served by the  school system