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On behalf of parents and members, President Andrea Sinclair and CEO John Gaiptman attend all regular meetings/calls with the Minister of Education, Deputy Minister of Education, and all the key stakeholders in the K-12 education sector (unions, ed partner associations, First Nations associations, and independent school associations). 

For the benefit of all families, we've put all the information we have shared via email to members and online here and will continue to update.
Jun 29 Our Update
Jun 29 Province Shifts to Step 3
Jun 28 PHO Modelling Update
Jun 22 Prelim Study re lack of transmission in schools
Jun 17 Our Update
Jun 17 Recorded Announcement re Planning for September
Jun 17 News Release re September
Jun 10 PHO Modelling Presentation (Please see Slide 12 for the updated case counts and rates for school-aged children (5-18 years) and Slide 16 for the percentage of youth ages 12-19 years who have received their first vaccine.)
May 31 Our Update
May 21 Our Update
May 21 BCCDC Vaccine Considerations information
May 20 Our Update
May 20 Announcement re Youth 12-17 Can get Vaccinated
May 13 Our Update
Apr 16 Our Update
Apr 15 Our Update
Apr 1  Our Update
Mar 31 Our Update
Mar 30 Proper Mask Wearing Poster and Video
Mar 29 PHO Media Release
Mar 15 Our Update
Mar 4  Our Update
Feb 27 Our Update
Feb 26 Daily Health Check App - Apple or Google - Now in English, French, Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese
Feb 11 Re PHE Class from BC School Sports
Feb 5 Our Update re Funding (also here)
Feb 4 New Daily Health Check App - Apple or Google
Feb 4 Media Release re announcement
(Election Results announced Nov 8. New Cabinet and Ministers announced Nov 26)
Nov 19 Our Update
Nov 13 Our Update
(Oct 24 provincial election. Final Results announced Nov 8)
Oct 1 Dr Henry PHO Briefing with focus on K-12 setting
(Sept 21 Election Writ Dropped. Govt takes on caretaker or interregnum role)
Sept 26 Our Update
Sept 13 Our Update
Sept 5 Our Update
Sept 4 Ministry FAQ Document for Families
Sept 3 Media Release re funding
Sept 3 Funding Announcement
Aug 17 MoE News Release re K-12 operational guidelines set requirements for masks
Aug 17 FAQs from CUPE BC with some useful information
Aug 13 Our Update
Aug 13 What Parent's Need to Know on MoE webpage
Aug 12 MoE News Release re first day of school
July 31 Joint Letter with Education Partner Associations
July 29 Our Update
July 29 MoE Return to School Resource Page
July 29 Media Briefing with PHO, Min Fleming, BCSTA, BCCPAC
July 29 Current Public FAQs from Ministry 
July 29 MoE Media Release w BCCPAC quote
July 27 Our Update
July 20 PHO Modelling Update
July 1 Our Update - Survey for Parents
June 25 Joint Letter from Min Fleming and President Sinclair - in French, in Punjabi, in Simplified Chinese, in Traditional Chinese
June 25 MoE News Release with quote from BCCPAC
June 22 Our Update - K-12 Sector Education Restart Steering Committee formed
June 17 Our Update
June 15 Update from Dr Henry - with reference to schools
June 12 Operational Guidelines for School Districts and Independent School Authorities
June 12 Home Learning Videos by Shelley Moore & MoE to better support students w disabilities learning at home
June 5 Our Update
June 5 Operational Guidelines for School Districts and Independent School Authorities updated 
June 4 PHO Presentation (recorded)
June 4 PHO Media Release
June 3 Our Update
May 30 Our Update
May 29 Video from Dr Henry to educators and school staff
May 28 Our Update
May 23 Our Update
May 22 Ministry of Ed Planning Guide for Teachers
May 21 Our Update
May 20 Virtual Town Hall with Min Fleming and BCSTA President (recorded)
May 17 Our Update
May 15 Parent FAQ Updated
May 15 Ministry Media Release re optional in-class instruction with BCCPAC quoted
May 15 Media Briefing with Premier Horgan, Min Fleming, Dr. Bonnie Henry, and Katrina Chen, Minister of State for Child Care (recorded)
May 12 Provincial Survey for families (to May 31)
May 11 Update
May 8 Ministry of Ed Integrated Planning Framework K-12 
May 6 Update
May 4 Update
May 2 Questions with Kids and Answers from Dr Henry and Min Fleming (recorded)
April 29 Update
April 26 Update
April 24 Statements in media from Minister Fleming
April 23 Launch of Good News in Education site with info about how we are working together
April 21 Ministry Media Release re ensuring students get meals/food
April 20 Ministry Media Release re Educational Assistants
April 18 Ministry Media Release with Quote from President Sinclair - re technology access
April 7 MoE FAQ document updated - also in French, in Chinese, in Punjabi, in Arabic, in Farsi, in Korean, in Tagalog
April 1 Update MoE FAQ Document - also in Chinese, in Punjabi, in Arabic, in Farsi, in Korean, in Tagalog
March 27 Ministry Media Release with Quote from President Sinclair
March 25 MoE FAQ Document - also in Chinese, in Punjabi, in Arabic, in Farsi, in Korean, in Tagalog
March 17 Letter from the Minister - also in French, in Chinese, in Punjabi, in Farsi