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Key Documents for the 2021-22 School Year

 For the benefit of all families, we've put all the information we have shared via email to members and online here and will continue to update.
Mar 10 Our Update
Feb 15 Our Update
Feb 1 Instructions to Use Rapid Tests (used at home)
Feb 1 Media Release regarding tests distribution to students
Feb 1 Our Update to members
Jan 26 BCCDC K-12 Situation Report for Jan
Jan 21 Daily Health Check document
Jan 21 Our Update
Jan 14 Our Update
Jan 7 PHO & MoE Update (recording)
Dec 31 Our Update
Dec 30 Our Update
Dec 21 Our Update
Dec 21 PHO Update
Dec 17 Our Update
Dec 5  Our Update
Dec 1  Our Update
Dec 1  Q&A Part 3 from Oct 5 Session with DPACS, MoE and PHO
Nov 23 Situation Report from BCCDC for K-12
Nov 20 Our Update
Nov 5 Q&A Part 2 from Oct 5 Session with DPACS, MoE and PHO
Oct 25 Q&A Part 1 from Oct 5 Session with PHO, MoE and DPACS
Oct 19 Our Update
Oct 15 French language update to Health & Safety Guidelines.
Oct 9 Our Update (incl Q&A)
Oct 1 Our Update (w Q&A)
Oct 1 Recorded announcement by Minister Whiteside and Dr Henry
Oct 1 Increased Safety Measures News Release
Sept 28 PHO Modelling Update w pediatric information and see slide11 re notifications
Sept 24 Our Update (with Q&A)
Sept 21 Our Update
Sept 21 PHO Update (recorded)
Sept 18 Our Update (with Q&A)
Sept 6 Our Update (w info re PACs and visitors)
Aug 31 PHO Epidemiological Update and corresponding PPT
Aug 27 Our Update
Aug 26 Our Update
Aug 25 Report from Fraser Health Authority re Cases among School-aged Children
Aug 24 Our Update
Aug 24 K-12 Protocols for Administrators (incl how to deal with exposures)
Aug 20 Our Update
Jun 29 Our Update
Jun 29 Province Shifts to Step 3
Jun 22 Prelim Study re lack of transmission in schools
Jun 17 Our Update
Jun 17 Recorded Announcement re Planning for September
Jun 17 News Release re September
Jun 10 PHO Modelling Presentation (Please see Slide 12 for the updated case counts and rates for school-aged children (5-18 years) and Slide 16 for the percentage of youth ages 12-19 years who have received their first vaccine.)
May 31 Our Update
May 21 Our Update
May 21 BCCDC Vaccine Considerations information
May 20 Our Update
May 20 Announcement re Youth 12-17 Can get Vaccinated
May 13 Our Update