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Leadership Manual - Guidelines for DPACs & PACs

The Leadership Manual provides PACs and DPACs with operational guidance including sample forms, constitution and bylaws and information on how to run effective meetings. Originally created in 2001, the Leadership Manual is updated from time to time by volunteers. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in volunteering with the Leadership Manual Committee.

Sections of the Leadership Manual

Section 1 - Parent Involvement - Basic Principles

Section 2 - The BC School Act 

Section 4 - Getting Started in Your PAC and DPAC 

Section 6 - Constitution & Bylaws

Section 7 - Roles, Responsibilities and Accountability of PAC & DPAC Executives (revised 2010)

Section 8 - Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest (revised 2020)

Section 9 - Decision Making in PACs and DPACs 

Section 10 - Representing all Voices: Building an Inclusive Council

Section 12 - The Role of Committees in PACs and DPACs

Section 13 - Effective Planning in PACs and DPACs

Section 14 - Effective Meetings

Section 15 - Financial Management in PACs and DPACs

Section 16 - Communication in Your PACs and DPACs

Section 17 - Building Partnerships

Section 18 - Parent Education

Section 19 - Contagious Enthusiasm: How to Get Parents Involved

Section 20 - BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils