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PACs and DPACs are reminded to apply online for Gaming Grants between April 1 - June 30, 2022 to receive Gaming Grant funding in Fall 2022 for the new school year. PACs and DPACs must apply annually to receive funding each year.

Similarly DPACs and PACs must report on the spending within 90 days of their own fiscal year end. All reports and applications are done online. See all details on the CGG website.

Community Gaming Grants revised and updated the 2022-23 PAC & DPAC Guidelines & Conditions.

One of the major upcoming changes: : The 2022-23 grant year will be the last year PAC funding may be used for scholarships or bursaries. In 2023-24, scholarships and bursaries will no longer be an eligible use of PAC funding.

In 2021 the Guidelines were revised so that PACs can use their Gaming funds to pay for their BCCPAC membership. DPACs are reminded that they can only use their Gaming funds to pay for their own individual DPAC membership with BCCPAC.

Read the Gaming Grants FAQ

Review the Gaming Grants Tutorials

We partnered with Gaming branch staff to host a live 90 minute session to share the information including a Q&A session. The PPT deck now includes the slide re Q&A on scholarships and timing of same. Take a look at the helpful decision tree too!
Please review and share and share widely!

Watch the May 12 session recording

Review the May 12 session presentation

Questions not answered live but offline from the staff at Gaming Branch:
Q1) Timing of cheques and Scholarships/Bursaries: Applicants want to know what the timeline expectation is around the last year of funding for scholarships/bursaries. Generally, for the 2022/23 CGG grant year when PACs receive their CGG funds in fall of 2022, students who graduate in June of 2023 will receive their cheques from the PACs in the fall of 2023 and applicants are wondering if this timeline is okay for spending the funds.
A1) Students who graduate in June 2023 will be the last eligible high school students who can receive funds for scholarships/bursaries from community gaming grant funds through a PAC. December 31, 2023 is the last date that community gaming grant funds can be used for this purpose. All cheques for this purpose will need to be cashed by the students by this date.
Q2) Are gaming cheques an eligible expense for CGG PAC funds?
A2) Yes, bank fees, purchasing cheques for Gaming Account is allowed for CGG and PAC grants
Q3) Would the following be an eligible expense: a family movie night hosted by PAC that students and parents attend.
A3) As long as the food isn’t being sold as part of a fundraiser, it is fine to host the night movie AND snacks for movie night with PAC funds.

FYI re Gaming Licenses (raffles etc)

All revenues from any gaming license must go into your gaming account. Section 3 on the Gaming Account Summary Report is where this would be reported. Licensing is entirely separate from Community Gaming Grants.

For more information: Gambling and Fundraising.