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  • Resolution Number: 2018.6
  • Resolution Status: Active

Be it resolved that BCCPAC advocate for the protection of

  1. Space allocations in elementary schools for non-enrolling classrooms to ensure there is room for essential elements of quality public education such as art, music, science, individualized learning as per the new curriculum and support for students with special needs, and
  2. Space allocations in elementary schools for not-for-profit licensed out-of-school childcare programs.

Be it further resolved that BCCPAC's advocacy include

  1. Immediately writing a letter to the Ministry of Education asserting that protection of such spaces after an elementary school is built is necessary to ensure that they continue to be available for the uses they are allocated for,
  2. Participating to the greatest extent possible in any Ministry of Education consultations around developing mechanisms for providing such protection, and reporting back on outcomes to the BCCPAC membership.