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  • Resolution Number: 2016.10
  • Resolution Status: Archived

That BCCPAC continue to pursue Resolution 2015.21 and that it be reaffirmed. Resolution 2015.21 reads: BCCPAC insist on the Government’s commitment to an immediate significant increase in grants to School Districts in B.C., which directly address the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services’ five recommendations for K-12 Public Education in B.C. - Nov. 2014 (pgs.24-25) which read as follows: 22. Provide stable, predictable, and adequate funding to enable school districts to fulfill their responsibility to provide continued equitable access to quality public education, and to meet required repair and maintenance needs. 23. Provide adequate capital funding to school districts for facility improvements, seismic upgrades, and additional schools in rapidly growing communities. 24. Provide support for proposed new K-12 initiatives such as personalized learning and enhanced trades and technology training. 25. Provide resources to identify and address the growing number of students with special needs and those with minimal English language skills. 26. Restore the separate library line item in the Ministry of Education budget for public libraries, and commit to stable, ongoing funding.