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  • Resolution Number: 2002.12
  • Resolution Status: Archived

That BCCPAC lobby the Ministry of Education to either amend the School Act to provide, or direct by Ministerial Order, that a PAC, formed in accordance with the provisions of the School Act, be entitled to receive the school’s parent/guardian mailing list (provided individual parents/guardians agree) for their respective school and/or that they be allowed to utilize the internal school mail/distribution systems for PAC to member communication—which would include memos to parents, newsletters or information on the PAC website, provided such communication is for legitimate PAC purposes and that the communication to be distributed to the parents/guardians conforms with PAC policy and that any decision respecting what conforms or does not conform to PAC policy rests with the respective PAC; And that all PACs, formed in accordance with the provisions of the School Act be entitled to receive and be provided (in the PAC mailbox) with any and all mail, faxes or other written communication, which is directed specifically to the respective PAC or executive officer, that is delivered to or received at the school, without censorship or other interference.