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  • Resolution Number: 2002.26
  • Resolution Status: Achieved

That BCCPAC lobby the Ministry of Education for mandatory, standardized province-wide anti-violence and harassment policies in all school districts; And that BCCPAC work with the BC School Trustees’ Association and the Ministry of Education to develop such policies. Policies could include, but not be limited to:

  • a requirement for documentation, communication and recording of all violence and harassment in K-12 schools
  • a bully relocation and counselling plan
  • a victim support plan
  • a safety drill plan to respond to weapons threats
  • a comprehensive communication plan between schools, police and probation officers monitoring students involved in serious violent or criminal incidents
  • every school being staffed with full-time professionals trained to deal with bullying. Duties to include monitoring school grounds and hallways at recess and lunch
  • an accredited citizenship course for all grades, covering citizenship, morals, ethics, and respect.