• Math for Families

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    Math for Families

    Helping your child with math at home Teachers help build children’s mathematical thinking at school. Families help build it at home. Research shows that an ongoing partnership with families can help children develop math understanding. This resource suggests ways families can support children’s math development by doing activities at home.   Resource available in English, Chinese and Punjabi

  • Reading Standards - A Guide for Parents

    Understanding the BC Reading Performance Standards: A Guide for Parents

    This document was developed to provide a guide for parents to the BC Performance Standards for Reading and Writing. It is hoped its use will:

    • help parents know more about their child’s performance
    • help support children’s learning
    • help schools and families talk about reading and writing performance.

    Working together, you and the teacher can help your child have a more successful school year. Together we can reach a shared goal in helping your child get the best education possible.

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