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First Nations have jurisdiction over education - Learn More


The BCCDC and the Ministry have made updates to Guidelines after the PHO lifted the mask Order. We encourage you to read it. 


We again attended Budget Lockup in person this year - Read our full response to Budget 2022.  


The 2021 Annual Report of the BC Teachers Council is available. Learn More


We are seeking YOUR input on Gaming Grant funds uses to share with CGG Branch.

We know that for some, it’s been difficult or impossible to spend the funds you had and/or funds newly received.

Please take 3min to do the survey by Dec17

The BCCDC has released its 2nd monthly report re Sitation in K-12 schools. We encourage you to read it. 


Recently the Government and the Ministry of Education issued additional information on the temporary emergency orders, principles for the K-12 education sector, and a Q&A with key messages for school districts, families and PACs.

Please read this correspondence to the Minister of Education from the First Nations Leadership Council regarding FSAs.





President Sinclair will be virtually presenting to parents/guardians in SD84

The BCCDC released a K-12 Situation Report regarding the first month of school. Please read and share.

Again this year we have made a presentation & submission to the Select Standing Committee regarding Budget 2022 and education funding. Please read and share.


Students and parents/caregivers need to receive regular, clear communication about student learning throughout the school year. To help ensure this information is provided consistently from K-12, the Ministry of Education is replacing three different policies with one, unified K-12 Student Reporting Policy

The public feedback period runs Sept. 27 to Nov. 5 2021. Respondents will have an opportunity to rate components of the policy and provide written comments and suggestions.



BCCPAC did not receive sufficient registrations and voting proxy forms to move forward with the planned EGM meeting.

An EGM will be held July 7 from 6-10pm via Zoom. Find out more.


The  2nd iteration of our AGM Booklet was emailed to members & incl candidates, resolutions etc. 

The first iteration of our AGM Booklet was emailed to members & incl candidates, resolutions etc. 

Check out the new FAQ document from the BCCDC which answers commonly asked questions. 

We virtually presented to the parents and PACs in SD22 re parents as stakeholders. Learn more.

We virtually presented to the PACs and parents of DPAC73 re parents as stakeholders. Learn More.


We virtually presented to the Douglas Elementary PAC to help them understand their role. Learn More.


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