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  • Membership Fees Overdue
    Nov 13

    For those members who've not yet paid this years's now overdue. Renew Now.

    Nov 13

    erase website now has info/resources for bullying, violence prevention, online safety, mental well-being, substance...

  • Scholarships for Students
    Nov 05

    Scholarships for high-school grads to recognize achievement & encourage post-secondary education. Learn More!

  • Gaming Grants Reporting
    Nov 05

    PACs/DPACs must submit a Gaming Account Summary Report annually within 90 days of their fiscal year end. 

  • Raising Digitally Responsible Youth
    Oct 31

    The Min of Ed & Safer Schools Together have updated the Raising Digitally Responsible Youth parent guide. Check it...

  • Presentation to Standing Committee
    Oct 11

    We presented to the Select Standing Committee on Finance & Government Services for Budget 2019. Read it

  • Cannabis Education
    Oct 09

    The cannabis legalization date is Oct 17. Resources are avail to help educate yourself & youth. Learn more.

  • Parent's Guide to New Curriculum
    Sep 10

    Review the recently released Parent’s Guide to BC’s new curriculum.

  • Personal Acts of Reconciliation
    Sep 10

    10 simple actions you can do to learn and do more about Reconciliation. Find out!

  • SOGI 123 Parent Resources
    Sep 10

    Updated parent resources explain SOGI-inclusive education in schools: Brochure, PPT, Video