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What happened to the BCCPAC Advocacy Project?

The BCCPAC Advocacy Project was an initiative of BCCPAC, which began in 1994, when BCCPAC received funding to run a pilot project. Funding from the Ministry of Education increased and continued until 2009 when all project funds were eliminated. During the 15 years the BCCPAC Advocacy Project operated, many volunteers were trained and developed advocacy skills and thousands of parents in BC have been helped to speak up for their children. Their experiences have helped the project identify systemic problems in the public school system and enabled BCCPAC to pursue positive change at the provincial level. BCCPAC is proud to continue to offer advocacy to parents - send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Parents as Natural Advocates

Parents are their child’s first teachers and have the primary responsibility for their child's care and well-being. Parents have a natural strong desire to ensure their child's rights, needs and opinions are respected. Parents can provide information about their child that can help in fair decisions being made to support the child.

Why do we need to speak up for students in public schools?

Many parents don’t know where to begin when they want to solve problems in their child’s best interest. Many are unsure about where they “fit” in the public school system when it comes to speaking up for their child. Some of the problems children face at school can be very complicated. Some parents worry about when to speak up, how to speak up and what will happen if they do. Advocacy is a tool that helps people communicate. Whatever the concern, whatever the problem, advocacy can help remove barriers and solve problems.