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Our own Sarah Shakespeare, Vice President, attended the annual SOGI Educator’s Summit at the end of October where leaders in the SOGI123 work come together to learn and share. The speakers were excellent and their sessions opened up great conversations for the attendees. Attendees heard from students and teachers and the many stories about their experience at school; the stories were mixed and not all of them positive. This raised the collective attention to the work that is still left to do in many communities regarding inclusion. Overall the Summit was informative and provided many ideas on how together we can all support our LGBTQ2S+ students.

Key takeaways:

1) When the parent community is supportive in school, students feel very safe in their environment.

2) When fellow students educate themselves and show no prejudice towards each other, then LGBTQ2S+ students feel happy at school.

3) Students are often more welcoming than parents in some school communities; they are organizing and running the SOGI clubs and events.

4) Collectively we still have a long way to go in supporting our LGBTQ2S+ students.

We can help by listening to our students more and showing non-judgemental support where needed. Learn more about SOGI123 in schools.