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BCCPAC has developed no-cost workshops to support PAC and DPAC communities. Members are encouraged to invite BCCPAC to present one of these workshops (or suggest a new topic relevant to your community) at an event/meeting hosted by the DPAC/PAC. Submit the Workshop Request Form below the session descriptions.

PAC/DPAC's Responsibilities for hosting the Workshops:

  • Host the event (BCCPAC attends as a Guest/Presenter)
  • Promote the event to attendees
  • Collect registrations (if required by the PAC/DPAC)
  • Provide virtual meeting link to attendees (BCCPAC can provide you with a link if your PAC/DPAC doesn't have one)
  • If attendees are in-person and presenter is virtual: Laptop, projector, screen and speakers (room microphone recommended)

PAC 101/201 Workshop - 2 hours

Learn about the PAC's role and key elements. This session will include relevant information about the School Act, Constitution & Bylaws, Governance, Effective Meetings, Elections and a brief overview of Financials.

* For more detailed Financial information, check out the PAC Treasurer 101 session below and watch the recording of our 2022 Gaming Grants webinar.

Section 11 and the Appeals Process - 90 minutes

Learn how the School Act provides parents/guardians with the right to appeal any decision they feel significantly affects the education, health or safety of the student. Parents and guardians are their child’s natural advocate, making sure their child’s rights, needs and opinions are respected. Advocacy is about working to achieve a successful solution for the benefit of the child. This workshop will provide you with knowledge and tools to successfully handle situations that negatively impact your child’s education and to navigate the school district Appeals Process and submissions to the Superintendent of Appeals.

PAC Constitution & Bylaw Workshop - 90 minutes

Learn how your PAC's Constitution & Bylaws supports your PAC's governance and operations. Learn more about what some of the language means and how it might be applied. Specific examples and options for amendments (and how to amend the Bylaws) will be shared for consideration.

PAC Treasurer 101 Workshop - 90 minutes 

New and returning Treasurers (and other interested PAC Executive Members) will gain a better understanding of what's involved in the role, best practices to follow, general tips and tricks, and it includes a brief overview on Gaming Grants.

* For more detailed information relating to Gaming Grants, watch the recording of our 2022 Gaming Grants webinar.

Working Together: PACs, DPACs and BCCPAC - 30 minutes

Learn how important parents/guardians are as stakeholders in our children's education. This session includes an overview of the relationship between PACs, DPACs and BCCPAC and how they work together with our education partners to improve our education system.

Conducting PAC Executive Elections - 45 minutes

This session will review recommended best practices to ensure your PAC's election process runs efficiently. Information in this presentation must be used in conjunction with (ie. does not replace) the PAC's bylaws or existing policies.