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Highlights from this issue:

  • Meet the New Minister of Education – The Honorable Mike Bernier
  • Drug Ed
  • Energy Drinks and Kids Don’t Mix

Highlights from this issue:

  • A Calm, Alert and Happy Child
  • Improving the K-12 Accountability Framework
  • The Teacher Regulation Brand: An information Resource for BC Parents

Inside this issue:

  • Supporting Children in Care
  • Education Transformation
  • Truth and Reconciliation

Inside this issue:

  • Steve Cairns’ Parents Are Partners
  • Board Member Highlights
  • Truth and Reconciliation

Inside this issue:

  • What the Heck is a Proxy?
  • Rural DPACs: Going the Distance
  • Crisis in Public Education: What the Evidence Says

Inside this issue:

  • Does your child’s backpack measure up?
  • Mobile Devices
  • Stability In Public Education

Inside this issue:

  • Interview with BCPSEA
  • What To Do About Emotions?
  • High Energy Drinks for Kids

Inside this issue:

  • Questions to Ask Trustee Candidates
  • Healthy Packed Lunches
  • Think Like a Beaver

Inside this issue:

    • Night of Family Science


  • Anxiety in Children


  • Post-Secondary Options
  • Parent Communities
  • Ethics in Parenting

Inside this issue:

  • Learning in the 21st Century
  • Shake Out BC’s Earthquake Drill
  • New IEP Resource for Parents

Inside this issue:

  • Finding and Sustaining Quality Parent Leadership
  • Assessment – A Decade of Discussion
  • Focus on Suspension – A Resource for Schools
  • Understanding the Rules of Culture
  • Special Education—PAC/DPACs make a difference in Special Education


  • Fall Conference Emphasizes Student Success
  • Is Canada Losing Its Edge in E-learning?
  • More Physical Activity = Student Academic Success

Inside this issue:

  • How Education Could Save Canada Billions
  • Number One Killer of Teens
  • Parents Talk About Individual Education Planning

Inside this issue:

  • Technology a “Double-Edged Sword”
  • Tackling Topics at PACs Before They “Supersize”
  • Helping Refugee Students Adjust to School

Inside this issue:

  • A Network for Parents Who Want a Learning System
  • What if There Was no BCCPAC?
  • Anxiety, Not Your Average Childhood Ailment?

Inside this issue:

  • From Then to Now: PACs Are Our Grassroots
  • Five Mindsets of Parent Leaders
  • Challenging Parents to Manage Screen Time

Inside this issue:

  • BCCPAC undertakes governance audit
  • Immigration to BC: the changing cultural mosaic
  • Net a dangerous place, parents learn

Inside this issue:

  • Results of Playground Survey
  • Helping Kids Bounce Back
  • Come and Get a Piece of the PIE

Inside this issue:

  • Supporting BCCPAC “Grassroots” by Developing Parent Leadership
  • Budget Process to Get Your Input
  • Challenging Ourselves to Seek the Parent Voice
  • The Value of Parent Involvement in Education

Inside this issue:

  • Supporting Student Success: Working Together in BC Public Schools
  • Membership: A Choice and Right
  • Healthy Schools: Healthy Living at Ashton Creek Elementary
  • Questions & Answers: Commonly Asked Questions of BCCPAC’s Member Support
  • ICBC New Driver Training Incentive Changing March 31, 2007

Inside this issue:

  • Advocacy: Dealing with Transitions
  • September Checklist For PACs
  • Ways to be Involved in Your School
  • Simple Tips For Healthier Lunches


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