The BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) is a registered non-profit that represents the parents of children attending public schools in the province of British Columbia.  BCCPAC works with District and School parent advisory councils (PACs) across the province to improve public education for all students by including and supporting parent involvement.

The Province of BC’s public education system is made up of 60 school districts, representing more than 1600 schools and school programs, and providing education to 565,000 students (2013 BC MoE stats).  Each of the parents of these students has a voice in the public school system through their involvement in parent advisory councils, planning committees, district parent advisory councils and provincially through BCCPAC.  BCCPAC strives to be:

 “The collective voice of parents for the best possible

public education of all children in BC”


BCCPAC supports this mission through activities that promote and enhance meaningful parent participation.  This includes the creation of parent education opportunities through conferences, news, magazine and resources materials.  BCCPAC also organizes and participates on several provincial level committees to ensure the parent voice continues to be included in public education discussions around the province of BC.

In order to support our efforts, BCCPAC relies on membership fees, sponsorship and grant funding. By working with sponsors, we are able to enhance our level of service to parents and our membership around the province.

We look forward to working with you!

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January 14, 2018

BCCPAC sends Letter of Support

The following letter was sent to Justine Hodge on behalf...


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