Radon Testing and Remediation

Student Safety

Submitted by: Prince George DPAC, SD#57 and Kootenay Lake DPAC, SD#8

Be it resolved that

BCCPAC produce consolidated information for all school PACs and DPACs on the hazards of radon gas, distribute this information to members, and make this information freely available on the BCCPAC website.

And Further That:

BCCPAC advocate for all BC school districts to complete long term testing for radon at all school facilities as described by Health Canada Guide for Radon Measurements in Public Buildings and to make this information publicly available on district websites;

All British Columbia schools that are found to have radon readings above Health Canada’s recommended maximum (currently 200 Bq/m3) have remediation undertaken by the district as a priority;
Those school districts immediately implement interim measures by increasing ventilation in schools found to exceed the recommended level;

All schools that have had energy retrofitting, substantial renovations or repairs be retested;
And that the Ministry of Education immediately provide access to additional funds to districts specifically for this testing and remediation work.


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January 14, 2018

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