Provincial Joint Stakeholder Conference

Provincial/Federal Policy and Processes

That BCCPAC work with the Ministry of Education and the representative organizations for school trustees, students, teachers, support staff, and principals and vice-principals to organize and hold at least one event annually where the grassroots of education stakeholders can meet to share ideas and concerns;

And that BCCPAC request some funding for this type of initiative be provided equally to each member organization to the number of individuals they represent, to help defray the costs of holding and attending the event

  • Destination Letter - MOE 2007 Resolutions
  • January 28, 2008 letter to the Minister of Education, Shirley bond, discussing BCCPAC Resolutions:

    • 2007.5,
    • 2007.6,
    • 2007.7,
    • 2007.8,
    • 2007.9,
    • 2007.10,
    • 2007.11,
    • 2007.12,
    • 2007.13,
    • 2007.14,
    • 2007.16, and
    • 2007.17

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November 30, 2017

New Curriculum Transition Exte

Ministry of Education Announcement:   New Curriculum Transition Extended for Grades...


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