Prohibition on Asbestos Removal

Student Safety

That BCCPAC request the Minister of Education to issue a Ministerial Order prohibiting asbestos removal in schools except in emergency situations when asbestos cannot be covered, contained, or sealed. Also, such emergency removal must never take place during “in-session time” unless students have been evacuated from the premises and kept off site for several weeks after removal. Prior to re-entering the school, air quality testing using state of the art technology must be performed so as to ascertain the absence of risk to students.

  • Destination Letter - MOE 2007 Resolutions
  • January 28, 2008 letter to the Minister of Education, Shirley bond, discussing BCCPAC Resolutions:

    • 2007.5,
    • 2007.6,
    • 2007.7,
    • 2007.8,
    • 2007.9,
    • 2007.10,
    • 2007.11,
    • 2007.12,
    • 2007.13,
    • 2007.14,
    • 2007.16, and
    • 2007.17

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