What is a DPAC

The school act recognized District Parents’ Advisory Councils (DPAC) in 2002 but many DPACs were established long before that. DPACs are the legislated parent voice at the school district level, representing the collective views of school Parents’ Advisory Councils (PAC) in a school district.

DPACs advise the board of education on any matter relating to education in their school district. DPACs advocate for parental involvement in the education system and give input into the development of education policy and curricula. Many DPACs are offered seats on school district committees such as policy, finance or budget and healthy lifestyles.

Who can become a member of DPAC?

DPACs are comprised of elected parent representatives from PACs and serves as an umbrella organization for the PACs in their school district.

What does DPAC do?

DPACs support and encourage PACs and parents in accessing the school system at all levels by providing regular forums for the exchange of ideas and information to ensure that public education serves the best interests of all students.

What does DPAC NOT do?

DPACs are not a venue to discuss individual students or staff problems or conflicts.

The Role of an Elected DPAC Representative

The roles, duties and responsibilities of elected DPAC representatives vary from DPAC to DPAC and PAC to PAC. Generally, DPAC representatives:

  • Act as a liaison between the PAC and DPAC by attending DPAC meetings
  • Communicate and obtain information to and from PAC
  • Bring forward issues that may be common to more than one school

for more info read the MoE Parental Involvement in Schools 2005


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January 14, 2018

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