Foundation Skills Assessment

Standardized tests in three subjects now underway in B.C. schoolsJanuary 21, 2015

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B.C. students in Grades 4 and 7 will be writing standardized tests this month and next in reading, writing and numeracy amid continuing arguments by adults about whether the tests...


Standardized tests in reading, writing and math begin in JanuaryJanuary 6, 2014

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  Despite a decade-long controversy, B.C.'s standardized tests in reading, writing and math – known as the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) – are to begin next week in Grades 4...


Evaluating schools: It’s about more than test scoresOctober 8, 2013

Author: Webmaster

  David Chudnovsky used to have a simple answer when parents asked him how they can determine if their school is doing a good job and meeting the needs of...


B.C. student assessment: Not meeting expectations?October 8, 2013

Author: Webmaster

  An advisory group that was created last spring to review student assessment has submitted a report to government with some interesting recommendations but no firm position on B.C.’s most...



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June 20, 2017

BC Ministry of Health –

Please read this important letter from the BC Ministry of...


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