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Steps for Electing Your PAC Representative to the SPCMarch 7, 2012

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Through School Planning Councils, parents are partners with educators and students in planning for improvement of student achievement in our schools.
Every SPC includes three representatives of the school PAC. These representatives are elected annually by secret ballot by the PAC. Each PAC rep must be a parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the school. One of the reps must be an elected officer of the PAC.

To participate effectively in planning, it is important to choose the three PAC representatives to the SPC carefully.

Updating Your PAC’s Bylaws

The School Act requires PACs to have bylaws governing the election of PAC representatives to the SPC. [School Act, s. 8(5)(b)]

BCCPAC recommends that your bylaws contain the following:

Among the purposes of the PAC:
To participate in the work of the school planning council through the PAC’s elected representatives (see Tab 6 of the Leadership Manual for sample C&B).

Election of representatives to the SPC:

  • Three representatives to the school planning council must be elected annually from among the voting members who are not employees or elected officials of any school board. One of these representatives must be an elected member of the PAC executive. [School Act, s. 8.1(3)(c), (4) and (7)]

Note: To meet the above requirement, one of the PAC representatives to the SPC may already hold an executive position, or you may modify your PAC bylaws to create an additional executive position called “PAC Executive Representative to the SPC”.

  • The election of representatives to the school planning council must be by secret ballot. [School Act, s. 8(6)]

Duties of the PAC representatives to the SPC:

The school planning council representatives will:

  • attend all meetings of the school planning council (SPC)
  • represent, speak, and vote on behalf of the PAC at SPC meetings
  • request and take direction from the PAC membership and executive
  • be strong advocates for meaningful parent involvement in the school and school planning
  • provice a written report to all general and executive meetings
  • attend general and executive meetings as directed by the membership or executive
  • submit an annual report 

Defining the Attributes and Skills of PAC Representatives to the SPC

Your PAC representatives to the SPC are parent leaders representing the PAC in the important job of school planning. Before you hold your election, discuss the attributes and skills you expect of your representatives to enable them to participate effectively in the work of the SPC.

Suggested attributes:

  • respectful, reliable, collaborative, courteous 
  • a team player—understands and believes in being inclusive and representative 
  • committed to improving student achievement through meaningful parent involvement in school planning and goal setting 
  • willing to represent the PAC’s views even if those views differ from their own 
  • committed to taking direction from the PAC membership and executive 
  • interested in learning new skills and willing to take training 

Suggested skills:

  • an effective listener and speaker 
  • can write timely, accurate, and concise reports 
  • comfortable with numerical data 
  • comfortable presenting a point of view that may differ from their own and others’ at a meeting 
  • able to ask difficult questions      

Electing Your Representatives by Secret Ballot

The School Act requires PACs to elect representatives to the SPC and DPAC by secret ballot, called a “ballot vote”. [School Act, s. 8(6)]

Further reading: Conducting an Election or Vote by Secret Ballot


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