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Pro-D for B.C. teachers, Oct. 25October 24, 2013

Author: Webmaster

Wondering what teachers will do Friday when schools are closed for a province-wide professional development day? Here are some of the conferences organized for them by the B.C. Teachers’ Federation provincial specialist associations (as described by the union):

– In Richmond, the BC School Counsellors’ Association is hosting Counselling in a Wired World, which features workshops on preparing teens for post-school success, apps for combating anxiety, and using social media to battle bullying. The keynote speaker, Tod Maffin, is an authority on how technology and society interact. (http://www.bcscaconference.ca)

– In Squamish, the BC Technology Education Association is hosting Rebuilding for the Future, which includes workshops on combining trades courses with mathematics, reviewing the provincial government’s Discover Trades BC portal, building mountain-bike frames, blacksmithing, and project-based learning in tech ed classrooms. (http://www.bctea.org)

– In Vancouver, the BC Primary Teachers’ Association is hosting Teaching from the Heart with a  keynote address and breakout session by Mary Gordon, founder of the “Roots of Empathy” program. Teachers will also attend workshops on helping students with emotional and social regulation, interactive mathematics, as well as technology and play. (http://www.bcpta.ca)

–  In Coquitlam, the Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association is hosting We ARE the Life App for That, with keynote speaker Gwen Chapman, program director of the Food, Nutrition and Health program and Associate Dean Academic in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC. Participants will take workshops on the economics of buying local food and applying new technologies to home economics classrooms. (http://www.thesaconference.ca/index.php)

–  In Vancouver, the BC Science Teachers’ Association is hosting Catalyst 2013, with keynote speaker John Nightingale, CEO Vancouver Aquarium. It will be a day of high-quality science professional development with hands-on workshops and opportunities to network. (http://www.bcscta.ca)

– In Surrey, the BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education conference is titled Education for an Economics of Happiness. The keynote speaker is Mark Anielski and workshops will discuss integrating the economics of happiness into classrooms.(http://www.pagebc.ca)

– In Vancouver, the Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association is hosting a conference called Success Through Self-Regulation: The key to 21st century learning. Teachers will join UBC self-regulation researchers and consultants, Dr. Debra Butler and Dr. Nancy Perry, for a 21st century look at promoting optimal learning. Lenore Gibbons, from the BC Ministry of Education, will update participants on categorization in special education. (http://www.latabc.com)

– In Vancouver, the Environmental Educators’ Association is hosting a conference on Outdoor Education Programs to discuss what kind of outdoor education is happening around the region, from curriculum-linked experiential courses to extra-curricular clubs. What is being  taught outdoors, where are teachers taking students, what are the best practices in the field, and what are the challenges? (http://www.eepsa.org)

– In Nanaimo, the BC Culinary Arts Specialist Association is hosting a conference called Great Big Sea. The focus is what the sea has to offer in resources in current and future practices and what is being done to preserve its increasingly fragile state. Teachers will get up close and personal with a live 10-foot-long 48-year sturgeon and hundreds of her relatives at Vancouver Island University’s Sturgeon Research Station. There will also be a tour of a real working seafood cannery and two other mid-island seafood processing plants.  (http://www.bctf.ca/bccasa)


Most events continue through the weekend.

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