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Parents Voice Concerns About Kids’ SafetyMay 8, 2007

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Parents Voice Concerns About Kids’ Safety


Burnaby, May 8, 2007: At the Annual General Meeting of the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC), held at the Best Western Hotel in Richmond over the weekend, the trend was child safety. Resolutions included one supporting Bill 21 that seeks to ensure the proposed public registry of teachers includes certain requirements.

Another resolution sought to ensure all school children have safe play equipment, while another protects children from asbestos removal. The members also want to protect parent volunteers who face legal action in the course of fulfilling their mandate.

Regarding the new registry of teachers, to be maintained by the BC College of Teachers, BCCPAC members specified the registry include the names of the educators, date of their criminal record checks, status of their teaching certificates, practicing status, education (including any specialty training) as well as their discipline histories, including a link to each history.

“The installation and maintenance of play equipment is also a major concern of our members,” said BCCPAC President Kim Howland. Members urged the government to provide funds to school districts to replace aging, unsafe play structures and to purchase and install adequate play structures for elementary and middle schools that lack them. “If we are to have fit and healthy kids, then we need safe play equipment in schools.”

The BCCPAC members also want to see an annual “grassroots” meeting of all representative organizations for school trustees, parents, students, teachers, support staff, principals and vice-principals to share ideas and concerns.

“Although our members are parents of children in schools, they also have vision and want to see cooperation and collaboration with all the other partners in the school system,” said Howland. “The resolutions passed at our Annual General Meeting are intended to enhance the ability of all children to learn and be safe at school.”

The BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) is a voluntary organization of parents from across the province with children in the public school system. Together the members represent thousands of school children in BC.

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