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Parents See Benefit in Foundation Skills Assessment (FSAs)May 9, 2006

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Parents See Benefit in Foundation Skills Assessment

The BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils supports province-wide testing of students.

“Parents value the Foundation Skills Assessment as an indicator of student success in reading, writing, and numeracy,” says Kim Howland, BCCPAC President. “Because all Grade 4 and 7 students in the province, from Fort St. John to Sooke, participate in this assessment, we have a province-wide picture of how well our students are mastering the curriculum in these vital areas. We can use this information to make our schools better.”

The FSA provides consistent data. These tests are written between May 8 and 19, 2006, but do not form part of students’ grades. They provide a snapshot of how students are doing, and may assist teachers, parents, school planning councils, school districts, and the Ministry of Education in planning for improvement.

BCCPAC members have approved resolutions requesting more information from the FSA (Resolutions 2005.21, 2005.22, 2005.23, 2005.24, 2003.25, 2001.1).

Members have told us they appreciate the information gathered by the FSA. The assessment can gauge the success or lack of success of new and ongoing programs. It also provides data on the performance of groups of students: for example, boys, girls, English as a Second Language students, First Nations students, and students with special needs. The FSA is reliable and helpful in comparing progress over time and in telling us where we are successful and where we need to change.

BCCPAC encourages parents to use all the information available to them and to visit their neighbourhood school when choosing the best school for their children.

“When test results are released in August,” says Howland, “we can work alongside principals and teachers to use this information to make our schools better for students. That’s why we support the FSA, and that’s why we encourage all parents to have their children participate.”

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