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Message to Members on Funding CutsSeptember 8, 2009

Author: Webmaster

Dear Members;
The first day of school is upon us and the air is full of the excitement of reuniting with friends, returning to familiar routines and school activities.
September has also seen the introduction of a new provincial budget which has created financial pressures on School District budgets across the province. While each district will be affected differently by these cuts in funding, based on the decisions made by their respective Boards, BCCPAC is concerned that these cuts will be felt at the classroom level.
Of particular concern to the BCCPAC Board is the possibility of cuts to PAC and DPAC gaming grants. PAC gaming grants directly enhance the educational opportunities of students at the classroom and school level. DPACs utilize gaming grants to provide support and learning opportunities for PACs and parents throughout their school district community. Fundraising for these “extras” is not possible for all our members and gaming funds help provide opportunities for some of our most deserving students and parents by opening doors and engaging them in learning experiences.
BCCPAC will continue to monitor the processing of gaming grants and inform our members of any new information on the approval of these grants. In the meantime, PACs and DPACs are encouraged to contact their local MLAs this week to inform them of the value of the grant of 20 dollars per student attending their school (or the $2,500 received by DPACs), and to summarize those activities and items your PAC or DPAC spends this money on. Contact information for MLA's, including mailing addresses, email, phone and fax numbers can be found at http://www.leg. bc.ca/mla/3-1-1.htm BCCPAC may be copied at Email: info@bccpac.bc.ca.
BCCPAC has also prepared a short survey on PAC spending of gaming grants to gather information to assist us in understanding and more accurately representing the use of gaming funds in our schools. We encourage you to take 5 minutes to provide us with information on your PAC spending so we will be better able to support our membership.
Ann Whiteaker on behalf of the Board of Directors
BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils

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