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As our sleepy summer gradually slips into fall. . . before we know it, September is here. In the education sector we know all about the significance of this particular month; “You’d better gear up for September” is a constant refrain heard around here these days. Of course our children are disappointed their holiday’s done, but we also know–without a doubt–how eager, anxious and excited they are to discover what possibilities the new school year might bring. We know because (come on, admit it) we’re just as excited as they are.

In “PAC World” we know how important it is to prepare for September. It’s by far our busiest month which is why we do whatever we can to prepare for this crazy but magical time. A quick peek at BCCPAC’s Leadership manual Section 19, Contagious Enthusiasm–How to get Parents Involved (posted on our website) might give you an idea or two on how to start your PAC or DPAC year off right, and “capture that September energy and enthusiasm and make it last all year.” As I’m sure you know, that first meeting is key so I hope it’s informative, relevant and fun (not necessarily in that order).

Speaking of meetings, your Board of Directors has been meeting regularly both electronically and in-person over the summer, and recently gathered in Victoria for a worthwhile meeting with the Ministry of Education. While building sound relationships and maintaining good communication with all partner groups is important, (re)connecting with our membership remains our priority.

This year we’d like to recommit to supporting our membership by providing workshops and supporting events such as the Northern Regional Conference in Prince George, October 20th and the Educational Leadership Conference in Vancouver on November 15th and 16th as well as our own Spring Conference/AGM in early May 2013. Indeed, this year promises to be an interesting and exciting one for BCCPAC and its members and partners. We look forward to working with you to help support student success in public education, because that’s what we do. Check us out at:


Terry Berting

BCCPAC President

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