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Key Information on BCTF negotiationsMarch 5, 2012

Author: Webmaster

Ministry of Education – Press Release

The B.C. Ministry of Education is providing important background information on the current BCTF job action and Bill 22: The Education Improvement Act.

News Releases and Fact Sheets

Overview of Bill 22 – the Education Improvement Act, which suspends the teachers’ strike action, sets a “cooling off” period and appoints a mediator to facilitate bargaining. (Read more)

Overview of what’s on the table in the Teachers’ labour dispute – what each side wants (Read more) 

The financial costs of the BCTF proposals to B.C. taxpayers(Read more) 

Education Minister George Abbott outlines the B.C. government’s “Fair and Reasonable” Bill 22 (Read more)

Bill 22 passed by the B.C. legislature (news release) (Read more)

Moving B.C.’s education system forward (op-ed) (Read more)

Correction to BCTF’s claims on Bill 22 (Read more)

Facts and Myths about BCTF claims (Read more)
To read the full press release click here


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