Funding Cuts UpdateSeptember 9, 2009

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Government Announces Cuts to PAC and DPAC funding

The BC government has announced the per student funding received by PACs from community gaming grants will be cut in half. DPACs will receive only $1,250. Read the full letter here.

Letter from Board of Directors – September 9,2009

The Board of Directors has sent a letter by e-mail to all members, announcing that it has received official notification of the 50% cut in funding and urging members to contact their MLAs.

BCCPAC Letter to Members Regarding Cuts to School Boards

The Board of Directors of BCCPAC sent the following e-mail to members regarding the cuts to funding for school districts and how these will affect students in the classroom.

Update – Members Speak Out Against Funding Cuts

Members responded by sending letters and emails to their MLAs, below are copies of some of the letters.


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January 14, 2018

BCCPAC sends Letter of Support

The following letter was sent to Justine Hodge on behalf...


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