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Enhanced consultations to benefit studentsApril 23, 2012

Author: Webmaster

Ministry of Education – News Release

VICTORIA – Government has completed regulations arising from Bill 22, the Education Improvement Act, to strengthen consultative requirements around how every school class in the province is organized.

The regulations outline clear requirements for school principals to consult teachers, and corresponding duties for teachers to consult and advise principals about the organization of all classes in the school and the placement of students with special needs in those classes.

Previously, consultation was only required in cases where there were more than three students with special needs in a given class and/or when a grades-4-to-12 class exceeded the 30-student limit.

The changes will benefit every student because the dynamics of how classrooms are organized will be part of an ongoing and constructive dialogue between principals and teachers, and these kinds of discussions will happen frequently – instead of only at the beginning or end of the school year as is currently the case.

The $195 million Learning Improvement Fund and corresponding regulation, which came into effect on April 14, supports these consultations on class organization and helps address complex needs in classrooms. The regulation sets out teacher eligibility for additional compensation in instances where class size does exceed 30 students.

Compensation can take the form of additional preparation time, professional development funding, classroom supplies or equipment, additional pay, or some such combination. The regulation also prescribes which classes are not subject to the 30-student limit, such as choir and drama, where larger groups are desirable.


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