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Cursive writing wins favour in Toronto schools but not in B.C.March 18, 2014

Author: Webmaster

It’s a common complaint: Students these days are more likely to print than write and some can’t even sign their names. But with the growing use of keyboards, should we care?

The Toronto Catholic school board says yes and recently passed a motion that seeks to restore cursive writing lessons in all of its schools, according to a story in the Toronto Star.

While cursive writing is still mentioned in the Ontario curriculum, it’s not a requirement. “The way it was put to me by some teachers is that they would love to teach it but there are so many things that have to be taught that it gets dropped,” trustee Ann Andrachuk is quoted as saying.

That made me wonder about the state of cursive writing in the draft K-7 curriculum recently published by the B.C. Education Ministry. I inquired and was told that cursive writing is being downgraded.

The current Grade 3 English Language Arts curriculum requires students to learn the “proper alignment, shape and slant of cursive writing.” But that’s not part of the new draft curriculum, which is intended to be less prescriptive.

The ministry says the draft curriculum, which is still under review, maintains a focus on the development of strong writing skills, but cursive writing may no longer be prescribed. “Work is underway to provide further specificity regarding the development stages of language and literacy development in this curriculum,” a spokesperson told me.

To learn more about the draft K-7 curriculum and to provide feedback, visit the ministry’s Transforming Curriculum & Assessment website.

Photo credit: Tamara Young

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