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BCTF to poll members about binding arbitration and a return to workSeptember 8, 2014

Author: Webmaster

The B.C. Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) will ask members Wednesday if they’re willing to return to work if the government agrees to its proposal for binding arbitration.

Education Minister Peter Fassbender has already rejected binding arbitration, but union president Jim Iker told a news conference Monday that he’s hoping government will change its mind.

“(This is) us proposing solutions. We think this is the easiest solution right now,” he said, adding that the union is urging teachers to vote yes. Results are expected to be released Wednesday night.

“It’s an important vote . . . because we need a resolution to this dispute.”

The union’s proposed framework for settlement, which can be found here, calls for:

– Salary, signing bonus, health/dental benefits, TTOC issues and prep time settled through binding arbitration.

– The B.C. Public School Employers’ Association withdraws proposal E80.

– Class size, composition and staffing ratios removed from the bargaining table and left with the courts.

– The two sides negotiate a new fund to address learning needs. If unsuccessful, that matter would also be referred to binding arbitration.

During the news conference, Iker was asked if the vote wasn’t a waste of time, given that government has already said it won’t agree to binding arbitration. He replied that a yes vote from teachers might prompt government to also say yes.

That’s unlikely, as explained by the Vancouver Sun here.

I am a guest blogger for BCCPAC and do not speak for the organization.


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