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The 2015 BCCPAC Annual General Meeting will held on May 2nd and 3rd, 2015

Below is a list of each resolution that has been submitted for discussion and to be voted on at the 2015 Annual General Meeting.  

Please click on the resolution link below to review and provide your comments!

2015.1 Amendment of Bylaws: Bylaw Correction/Good Standing – Special Resolution

2015.2 Amendment of Bylaws: Canadian Home & School Removal – Special Resolution

2015.3 Amendment of Bylaws: Removal of the Position of Special Advisor – Special Resolution

2015.4 Amendment of Bylaws: Removal of the Position of Immediate Past President – Special Resolution

2015.5 Amendment of Bylaws: Removal of the Duties Immediate Past President and the Special Advisor – Special Resolution

2015.6 Amendment of Bylaws: Bylaw Clarity – Special Resolution

2015.7 Amendment of Bylaws: Clarification of Board Member Termination – Special Resolution

2015.8 Amendment of Bylaws: Committee membership and Chair Appointment – Special Resolution

2015.9 Amendment of Bylaws: President’s Ex-Officio Status and Delegation of Work to Committees – Special Resolution

2015.10 Amendment of Bylaws: Clarification of the Appointment of the Secretary Treasurer – Special Resolution

2015.11 Amendment of Bylaws: Auditor Appointnemnt – Special Resolution

2015.12 Amendment of Bylaws: Bylaw Renumbering – Special Resolution
015.13 Reaffirmation of Resolution 2007.6: Prohibition on Asbestos Removal
015.14 Reaffirmation of Resolution 2008-22: Construction Guidelines
2015.15 Renovation and Construction Notification and Construction Guidelines
2015.16 Implementation of Parent Portal
2015.17 Transfer of IEP’s to Post Secondary Institutions
2015.18 Advocation for Systemic and Cultural Change
2015.19 Transitional Support for Systemic Change
2015.20 Funding for Private School
2015.21 Proper Funding for Quality Public Education
2015.22 Reflective Clothing Recommendations
2015.23 Regulation of Special Education Assistants
2015.24 Standards for Special Education Assistants

Resolutions Presented to the Assembly at the 2015 BCCPAC Annual General Meeting


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