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BCCPAC Releases Revised Advocacy Guide for Public School ParentsMay 8, 2008

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The BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils released its revised edition of Speaking Up! A parent guide to advocating for students in public schools today at its annual spring conference in Richmond.

“Parents often worry about how, when or even if they should speak up when their children are having problems at school,” said BCCPAC President Kim Howland. “This guide gives parents information to help them identify and solve problems.”

“When parents are provided with the information they need to help their children, they are more likely to approach problem-solving effectively.”

The 44-page guide, developed by the BCCPAC Advocacy Project, helps parents navigate the public school system and solve problems their children are having in BC public schools. Speaking Up! includes tear-out self-help guides: Problem-Solving and Meeting Survival as well as new information on fairness in decision-making, provincial appeals, apologies and dealing with bullying.

“We are proud that BCCPAC and the BCCPAC Advocacy Project are able to reach out to parents in so many ways. Speaking Up! not only helps individual parents—it helps our education partners and others understand how our project supports parents and the public school system to focus on solving problems positively and in the best interests of students,” said Howland.

Speaking Up! A parent guide to advocating for students in public schools is available to download from the BCCPAC website.

The BCCPAC Advocacy Project is an initiative of BCCPAC, the provincial voice for member school and district parent advisory councils. Since 1994, the project has helped thousands of parents in BC speak up for their children. Their experiences help the project identify systemic problems in the public school system and enables BCCPAC to pursue positive change at the provincial level. Prior to this edition, Speaking Up was first published in 1999 and updated in 2005.”

For more information please contact
BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils
Tel. 604-687-4433 Fax 604-687-4488
Email: info@bccpac.bc.ca

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