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BCCPAC proposes support for draft school curriculumApril 9, 2014

Author: Webmaster

New draft curriculum for K-9 was posted on a B.C. government website six months ago for public review, along with a promise that proposed revisions to the Grade 10-12 curriculum and the provincial graduation program will follow.

The BCCPAC board has been generally supportive of this development but also wants to hear from members. It is proposing that BCCPAC offer formal support for the direction of the draft curriculum by passing a resolution to that effect during the annual general meeting next month.

In a supporting statement, the board notes there have been many presentations to parent groups about the proposed changes. “In general, the direction and approach has been well received and supported by parents. We should step forward and formally say so.”

Delegates are expected to vote on the resolution during the AGM, May 31 – April 1.

One significant change in the draft curriculum is the move toward personalized learning and broader learning objectives – rather than what one Education Ministry official has described as the “Trivial Pursuit” curriculum now in place. A reduction in the number of Prescribed Learning Outcomes (statements of what students are expected to learn during each course) is intended to give teachers greater flexibility to decide what is taught and how.

There is no implementation date as yet for the new curriculum, although some teachers are experimenting with it already. The B.C. Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) has organized a discussion by three teachers (Dale Martelli, Mark Reid and Nancy McAleer) that will be livestreamed today (April 9) at 4 pm and available through archives later.

As well, Scott Slater, vice-principal at Bowen Island Community School, has created a video that provides an overview of the K-9 drafts, which might be helpful for students and parents.

BCTF vice-president Glen Hansman said teachers are excited about the prospect of more time to explore the interests of students. “At the secondary level, there were so many learning outcomes that teachers felt they were having to gallop through the curriculum,” he told the Vancouver Sun. “They spent so much time having to plow through so many different topics that (they) didn’t have time to go in depth with them, let alone connect what students were learning with what was happening in their communities.”

To read the BCCPAC resolution and comment on it, click here.

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