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BCCPAC – 2012 AGM Meeting SummaryMay 26, 2012

Author: Webmaster

BCCPAC is pleased to report that elections were held for the 2012/2013 Board

The following were elected to the BCCPAC Board of Directors:

Position Term Name School District
President 2012-2014 Terry Berting 41 – Burnaby
1st Vice President 2012-2013 John Puddifoot 39 – Vancouver
2nd Vice President 2012-2014 Nicole Makohoniuk 22 – Vernon
Secretary 2012-2014 Wendy Harris 40 – New Westminster
Director 2012-2014 Angie Carlyle 69 – Qualicum
Director 2012-2014 Ayesha Haider 41 – Burnaby

The Annual General Meeting of members of BCCPAC was held at the Executive Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre, Coquitlam, BC, May 26, 2012 chaired by Ann Whiteaker, President of the Board of Directors.

Membership received the 2011 financial statements and the budget for 2012, as circulated and presented.

The following Awards were announced:

George Matthews Award for Excellence in Parent Leadership
Bob Homes, SD36 Surrey
Paul Johansen, SD40 New Westminster

Bev Hosker Motivational Award for a Newly Involved Parent Leader
Debbie Therrien, SD05 Southeast Kootenay

BCCPAC Educational Award
Geri Schindler from Fort Nelson Secondary, SD81 Fort Nelson

The unofficial Annual General Meeting voting results are:

# Resolution Result
1 Changes to Section 177 of the School Act Carried
2 Support for the Copyright Modernization Act as it pertains to education Carried
3 Customized Item-Level FSA Reports for School Planning Councils (SPCs) Carried
4 FSA Cohort Data for School Planning Councils (SPCs) Carried
5 BC School Sports Carried
6 Clarification of Special Education Categories and Funding Carried
7 Funding for Pre-screening and Ongoing Assessment Carried
8 Electronic Device and Internet Usage Defeated
9 Return Targeted Funding Carried
10 Reporting on Student Suspensions and Expulsions Carried
11 Universal District Complaint Process Referred to committee
12 Disqualification of Board Employees Carried
13 Full Day Kindergarten Supervision Carried as amended
14 Question Period for Public School Board Meeting Carried
15 PAC Gaming Grant Allowable Expenditures Carried
16 Communications with Parents Carried as amended
17 Parent Choice Regarding Exposure to EMF Emissions from SRC Safety Wi-Fi Subcommittee Carried
18 Wi-Fi in Classrooms from Committee Report Carried

The membership and Board also said good-bye and thank you to the following board members for their time and dedication to our organization:

President, Ann Whiteaker of SD #61 – Greater Victoria
Director, Cathy Jewett of SD #48 – Sea to Sky

We wish them well and every success in their future endeavours.

Meeting adjourned at 6:29 PM.

The BCCPAC Board of Directors are:

Name and Position School District
President – Terry Berting 41 – Burnaby
First Vice President – John Puddifoot 39 – Vancouver
Second Vice President – Nicole Makohoniuk 22 – Vernon
Treasurer – Susan Wilson 08 – Kootenay Lake
Secretary – Wendy Harris 40 – New Westminster
Director – Angie Carlyle 69 – Qualicum
Director – Ayesha Haider 41 – Burnaby
Director – Liz Therres

appointed by BCCPAC Board of Directors

23 – Central Okanagan
Director – Bonnie Krisher

appointed by BCCPAC Board of Directors

71 – Comox Valley
Past President – Ann Whiteaker 61 – Victoria

The official minutes from the AGM are expected to be available at the beginning of August 2012 on the BCCPAC website.


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