BCCPAC on Roundhouse RadioSeptember 15, 2017

Author: Jen Mezei

Roundhouse Radio Interview with Jen Mezei

BCCPAC President, Jen Mezei, speaks to Don Shafer at Roundhouse Radio about the shortage of teachers, district budget needs and supporting special needs students.

Points discussed in the interview include:

Parents are concerned that with a shortage of teachers-on-call, non-enrolling teachers may be required to provide coverage when classroom teachers are absent.

In the past, special needs students have been sent home when there is a lack of resources, and supports are cancelled.

BCCPAC strongly believes that every child should  have access to a full day education and will be sending out a survey in the next couple of days to see how widespread the issue is across BC public schools.

BCCPAC welcomes the additional money to public education announced in the provincial government Budget Update, but additional, flexible funding is required to meet the local needs of districts.  In the past 15 years, districts have made cuts in other areas.  At the BCCPAC AGM, district parent representatives reported needing more Educational Assistants, custodial services, occupational & physio therapists, music teachers and counselors.

The full radio interview is available here.


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