2016 BCCPAC ResolutionsFebruary 29, 2016

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The 2016 BCCPAC Annual General Meeting will held on April 30 and May 1, 2016 at the Coast Capri in Kelowna
Below is a list of each resolution that has been submitted for discussion and to be voted on at the 2016 Annual General Meeting.
Please click on the resolution link below to review and provide your comments!

Resolutions Tabled from 2015
2015.4 Amendment of Bylaws: Removal of the Position of Immediate Past President (Special Resolution – Tabled from 2015)
2015.5 Amendment of Bylaws: Removal of the Duties of Immediate Past President and Special Advisor (Special Resolution -Tabled from 2015)
2015.7 Amendment of Bylaws: Clarification of Board Member Termination (Special Resolution – Tabled from 2015)
2015.8 Amendment of Bylaws: Committee Membership and Chair Appointment (Special Resolution – Tabled from 2015)
New Resolutions for 2016
2016.1 Amendment of Bylaws: Adding Definition of "Official Delegate" to BCCPAC Bylaws (Special Resolution)
2016.2 Capacity Adjustments
2016.3 BCCPAC Materials
2016.4 Radon Testing and Remediation
2016.5 Volunteer Parent Advocate Training
2016.6 Dust Collection and Remediation in School Wood Shops
2016.7 Resources for Teachers
2016.8 Capital Funding for New Schools
2016.9 Economic Stability Mandate
2016.10 Proper Funding for Quality Public Education
2016.11 Ministry Funding Formulas
2016.12 Co-operation between Ministries for Student Success
2016.13 Funding for Academically Successful Students
2016.14 Life Membership for Stephaine Longstaff
2016.15 Life Membership for Susan Wilson
2016.16 Life Membership for Terry Berting
2016.17 Discriminiation in Schools
2016.18 Increased Penalty for Failing to Stop for a School Bus


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