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2016.17 Discrimination in SchoolsFebruary 29, 2016

Author: Webmaster

2016.17 Discrimination in Schools

Submitted by: Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils
Be it resolved that

BCCPAC advocates for initiatives and processes that are designed not only to stop discrimination in our schools but also to provide opportunities to unlearn discrimination.

Proposer’s Position Statement Supporting the Resolution:
Prejudice and discrimination is learned. Children learn discrimination by observing it in their day to day lives. They are exposed through watching people’s reactions and listening to what they say. They are unaware that they are learning prejudice and, in fact,learn that this is how things work. These views are passed on through the generations, supported by peers and reinforced by our history books.

The processing of recent cases of discrimination in our schools reflect a number of mistaken beliefs:

  • That we don’t tolerate discrimination.
  • That these events are one-offs and not reflective of our society.
  • That the appropriate response is sensitivity training.

We would argue that these recent cases are only the most provocative actions that we see and that discrimination is alive and well.
The answer to discrimination is not simply to contain it or to make examples of the few that get reported. We must discuss the problem openly and take steps to address the root cause of discrimination; our learned prejudices.

Ministry of Education
BC School Trustees’ Association

Interested Parties:
BC Teachers’ Federation
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