Tribute to Beverly Karen Hosker

May 28, 1955 – August 17, 2003


Bev Hosker will be remembered by the education community as a champion of the role of parents in BC’s public school system. She was dedicated and outspoken, and contributed seemingly endless time and energy to ensuring parents’ views were heard in the education of their children.

Born in Fort St. John, Bev spent her life in northern BC. She was one of the first women to complete RCMP training, graduating in 1974. She became the first female in charge of a BC detachment when she commanded the Wells RCMP. From there she went to the Quesnel detachment. Following retirement in 1998 after a 24-year career, she worked for the Ministry of Children and Families teaching social workers and police officers skills for interviewing children.

Bev’s career in law enforcement fostered her concern for student safety. She believed every school and district should have a safe schools committee. She was a driving force behind BCCPAC’s parent guide, Call It Safe, on harassment and intimidation in secondary schools published in 2000. She contributed to a second guide on bullying in elementary schools, published a year later. At BCCPAC conferences, she was a frequent speaker and workshop leader on school safety and violence prevention.

Bev took on PAC and DPAC leadership roles in Wells, Quesnel and Prince George, and became well known in the education community. She was determined to let parents’ views be heard, but she also believed parents should educate themselves to ensure their children’s needs were met. “She helped parents tremendously in our school district to be heard and have a voice,” said a Prince George friend.

In January 2000, Bev joined the BCCPAC Board of Directors and held the position of First Vice-President for two years. She championed many issues, including the secondary school math program which she believed should be overhauled so that all students could succeed at math. She participated on the Ministry of Education’s Advisory Committee on Provincial Assessment and Advisory Committee on Student Transportation, and contributed to the Graduation Requirements Review. In December 2000, she was instrumental in rewriting BCCPAC’s Leadership Manual. She also served for a time as the BC Representative on the Board of the Canadian Home and School Federation, was outspoken in questioning the status quo and challenged others to speak up as she. Her energy and contribution will be sorely missed.

After stepping down from BCCPAC in May 2002, Bev devoted her energies through the Prince George DPAC to assisting the school community through major changes, including 13 school closures. Said Superintendent Dick Chambers, “It wasn’t just that she was dedicated, she was also effective. Sometimes we didn’t like what she had to say, but we listened.”

In May 2003, Bev was appointed by the Minister of Education to the transitional council of the BC College of Teachers.

“Bev was a tireless advocate for parents and students,” said BCCPAC President Terri Watson.

Bev died in a motor vehicle accident near Quesnel on Sunday, August 17, 2003. She is survived by her husband and two teenaged daughters.

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