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  • participate in education opinion polls,
  • network with other PACs and DPACs,
  • discuss and share ideas using our online forum,
  • access current and relevant resources, and
  • develop the resolutions BCCPAC can use to lobby for change

BCCPAC needs parents opinions, feedback, and ideas to help to ensure we are representing our parents message when meeting with our partnership groups.

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Popular BCCPAC Reources

Our Voice Magazine

Our Voice is BCCPAC’s magazine. It includes articles on what PACs are doing around BC, current BCCPAC news, education issues affecting BC public school students, and membership feedback. As a member of a BCCPAC, you will receive a hard copy of each issue of Ou Voice.


BCCPAC maintains current and relevant guidess, to give membership hands on support. Popular guides are:

Our resources help parents to learn how to navigate the public school system, and to solve problems their children may have in BC public schools.

Hard copies can be ordered at a minimal fee,  starting at $3 each (check the office for details).

Conferences (Spring and Fall)

At our BCCPAC hosted conferences, you can expect top-notch keynote speakers, informative lectures, and useful workshops. All BCCPAC members pay a reduced participation fee. Check the Calendar for upcoming events.

Reasons to Join BCCPAC

  1. Be part of the collective voice recognized by government and education partners, who involve BCCPAC as the provincial voice of parents.
  2. Representation by member PACs and DPACs in BC, BCCPAC advocates for systemic changes to the education system.
  3. Create change in the education system by bringing resolutions to the Annual General Meeting, for discussion and support. If accepted by the membership, BCCPAC will lobby the governement for change, on behalf of our membership.
  4. Support implementation of new legislation when BCCPAC is successful in its ongoing lobbying.
  5. Participation in nomination and election of BCCPAC Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting.
  6. Networking with other member PACs and DPACs to share information and successes via conference, website and forums.
  7. Keep advised of current educational issues by receiving regular communications.
  8. Opportunities to receive leadership education from skilled experts at our annual conferences.
  9. Travel subsidies are available for members through DPAC to attend the Fall and Spring Conferences.
  10. Opportunities to serve on various provincial committees, and to provide feedback through focus groups and opinion polls.


What’s new

January 14, 2018

BCCPAC sends Letter of Support

The following letter was sent to Justine Hodge on behalf...


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