BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) is made up of parents, elected by parents. The council helps to support the parent groups, and represent parents to the education partner groups. BCCPAC is a recognized charitable organization, registered under the Society Act of BC.


  • Governed by a volunteer board of directors, elected annually by the membership
  • Managed by a committed full-time staff
  • Assisted by contract workers and volunteers

The Who We Are section of the website provides detailed information.

  • To promote, support and advance meaningful parent participation throughout the public education system in order to advocate for the success of all students; and
  • Work with our membership, to promote leadership, communication, cooperation, and representation in British Columbia, at the school, school district, and provincial levels.

The Who We Are section of the website provides detailed information.

BCCPAC works throughout the year to:

  • Represent a membership of over 700 Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) and District Parent Advisory Councils (DPACs), from every school district in the province
  • Represent the parents of all children attending public schools in BC
  • Receives funding from the Ministry of Education, membership fees, conference registration fees, sales of resources, advertising, sponsorship, and project funding
  • Ensures parents have a voice in their children’s education
  • Ensures the BC public education system remains focused on the needs of children
  • Supports parents as they navigate the education system and exercise their rights and their children’s rights in education
  • Host annual conferences for members (e.g.,Regional Fall Conferences, Spring Conferences and our Annual General Meeting)
  • Assist members with a wide range of services (i.e; assistance with organizational processes, financial information and providing valuable resources for parents, PACs and DPACs).

DPACs are the legislative voice of parents in the school district and should meet with the superintendent on a regular basis either at a DPAC meeting or another time set aside. Building a relationship with senior staff at a school district takes time and should be mutually convenient and worthwhile.

(Taken from School Act)
Interested parents should contact the school’s principal to make sure a PAC doesn’t already exist. If a PAC did at one time exist at a school, please see the section How do I re-start a PAC?

If no PAC has been established at a school then a letter needs to be written to the board of education requesting the establishment of a PAC at that school. A board of education must approve. Interested parents must create a Constitution and Bylaws for presentation at the inaugural PAC meeting which can be called by and chaired by the principal. Once elections are held at the inaugural PAC meeting the principal should turn the chair over to the new PAC Chair. Please see below for the special section in the school act that speaks to PACs.

Parents’ advisory council

(1) Parents of students of school age attending a school or a Provincial school may apply to the board or to the
minister, as the case may be, to establish a parents’ advisory council for that school.

(2) On receipt of an application under subsection (1), the board or minister must establish a parents’ advisory
council for the school or the Provincial school.

(3) There must be only one parents’ advisory council for each school or Provincial school.

(4) A parents’ advisory council, through its elected officers, may

  • (a) advise the board and the principal and staff of the school or the Provincial school respecting any matter relating to the school or the Provincial school, other than matters assigned to the school planning council, and
  • (b) at the request of the school planning council, assist the school planning council in carrying out its functions under this Act.

(5) A parents’ advisory council, in consultation with the principal, must make bylaws governing its meetings
and the business and conduct of its affairs, including bylaws governing

    • (a) the dissolution of the parents’ advisory council,
    • (b) the election of members to represent the parents’ advisory council on the school planning council, and
    • (c) the election of a member to represent the parents’ advisory council on the district parents’ advisory council.

(6) Voting at an election referred to in subsection (5) (b) and (c) must be by secret ballot.

No. Once a Constitution and Bylaws are adopted by the PAC it takes effect immediately.

By legislation, DPAC’s purpose is to advise the board on any matter relating to education in the school district. Many districts invite feedback and participation from DPACs to district initiatives, budget and school district committees.

That is up to individual DPACs to decide. There is nothing preventing DPACs from fund raising.

DPAC raised funds are in the control of DPAC. No outside organization can dictate where a DPAC can spend their money. DPAC gaming funds are intended to benefit students by supporting activities that foster parental involvement in the schools and promote effective communication between schools, parents, students and the community. Eligible uses of DPAC funding include educational and promotional materials, administrative costs including British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) membership fees and travel for regular DPAC meetings. Grant funds to DPACs must be disbursed within 12 months of receipt.

The bylaws will state how many meetings are required for a DPAC.


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