DPACs are the legislative voice of parents in the school district and should meet with the superintendent on a regular basis either at a DPAC meeting or another time set aside. Building a relationship with senior staff at a school district takes time and should be mutually convenient and worthwhile.

By legislation, DPAC’s purpose is to advise the board on any matter relating to education in the school district. Many districts invite feedback and participation from DPACs to district initiatives, budget and school district committees.

That is up to individual DPACs to decide. There is nothing preventing DPACs from fund raising.

DPAC raised funds are in the control of DPAC. No outside organization can dictate where a DPAC can spend their money. DPAC gaming funds are intended to benefit students by supporting activities that foster parental involvement in the schools and promote effective communication between schools, parents, students and the community. Eligible uses of DPAC funding include educational and promotional materials, administrative costs including British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) membership fees and travel for regular DPAC meetings. Grant funds to DPACs must be disbursed within 12 months of receipt.

The bylaws will state how many meetings are required for a DPAC.


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January 14, 2018

BCCPAC sends Letter of Support

The following letter was sent to Justine Hodge on behalf...


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